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The Pros And Cons Of Living In Toms River, New Jersey


The Pros and Cons of Living in Toms River, New Jersey

Jim Flanagan

Officially, I am the Broker of Record for Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty, with offices in Toms River, Bayville and Manchester, NJ.  In actuality...

Officially, I am the Broker of Record for Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty, with offices in Toms River, Bayville and Manchester, NJ.  In actuality...

Apr 20 4 minutes read

Are you thinking about living in Toms River, New Jersey, but aren’t sure what to expect? In this episode of Real Estate Refined, I’m going to give you the pros and the cons of living in Toms River so you know exactly what to expect. We’ll look at some of the most popular reasons people love living here so you can see if this city is right for you.

Why People Love Toms River

There are great things about living in Toms River, New Jersey—as well as some not-so-great things. We’ll start by giving you the top reasons why people are living in Toms River. The very first and most popular reason is that Toms River is the gateway to the Jersey Shore. In order to get to Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park, Seaside Heights, Ortley Beach, and Lavalette, you have to come through Toms River to get over the bridge.

The second reason people choose to live in Toms River is its proximity to New York City, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Toms River is perfectly located one hour south of New York City, one hour east of Philadelphia, and one hour north of Atlantic City. This makes it the perfect location to get everywhere you want to go.

Finally, reason number three is the pizza, the bagels, and the pork roll egg and cheese. That's right, I said “pork roll,” not Taylor Ham. Toms River is known for the best pizza in the world, the best bagels in the world, and you have to have our pork roll egg and cheese. It's the breakfast of America.

The Cons Of Living In Toms River

Now that you know about some of the pros of living in Toms River, let's talk about a few of the cons. If you're going to live in Toms River, New Jersey, you have to know the lowdown on these things as well—starting with summer traffic. Come Memorial Day weekend and straight through until Labor Day weekend, be prepared for bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Garden State Parkway every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's just a way of life here in Toms River New Jersey during the summertime.

 If you can deal with the summer traffic, then you can deal with con number two: what is inside of that summer traffic. Inside each and every one of those cars is what we call “Bennys.” These are people that come from the cities up north that used to be on the New Jersey Transit we refer to as Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York—AKA Bennys. Hey, we need their tourism dollars, but we also have to take their personalities in stride.

The last con is the lack of entertainment here in Toms River. To get to a good bar, band, or any good type of adult entertainment, you have to leave Toms River and go over to the boardwalk or up into Monmouth County. There's just not much in the way of nightlife here in T     oms River.

I’m Here To Help

I hope this gave you a little insight into the pros and cons of living in Toms River, New Jersey. If you have any questions about selling or buying real estate in Toms River, please feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to help.

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